I’m Trying To Put Together A PC From Scratch

No Idea Dog

This is what being impatient (read: inebriated) and having access to Google and a debit card gets you. Building my own PC; which, for those of you who don’t know, is like dealing with a nerve-wracking $600 jigsaw puzzle. I’m honestly just slapping things together with a wink and a prayer and hoping when I turn it on for the first time it doesn’t snap-crackle-and smoke or, worse, become sentient and murder me on its first step to global domination.

To say I’ve been leaning on Youtube and LifeHacker would be an understatement. I’m basically hanging on to them like a lifeboat yelling “RICHARD PARKER!” like I’m in Life of Pi.

Feels good, though, I guess, to build something that will hopefully last for 6-7 years but I can’t help but feel like I’m a screw or an electric static shock away from disaster. Like I’m playing a game of “Operation” which I HATED as a kid and still remember with angst today.

The payoff though will be a nice, kickass, non-porn riddled PC (for a few days at least) that I’ll have gotten a ton of bang for my buck out of and the self satisfaction of having built it myself.*

*I will try to remember this as I’m swearing later

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