I Got Beef with Meatloaf

Not Meat Loaf but close

     Not the Meat Loaf I’m talking                           about but close

No, I’m not talking about the food (which I find to be absolutely delectable) but the husky artist himself. I know the man is generally regarded as a legend of rock but I’ve got one big issue with him; I think he stole the idea for his smash hit “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) from another, more legendary, more impressive, and more beloved artists….Hall and Oates.

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70th Anniversary of D-Day


Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the greatest moment of the greatest conflict the world has ever seen. It was this morning, at about 6:30 am 70 years ago that scared, cold, seasick men of the Allied forces pushed ashore the beaches of Normandy, France which was to be christened with their blood as well as the blood of the Axis forces that opposed them. It was the culmination of months of planning, of logistics unseen in war or peace, and of the collision of the fascist ideology against that of democracy. For all that it was it was a terrific and unmitigated blood letting that announced to the world how the greatest calamity the world has ever witnessed, World War II, would be resolved. While the end was months away its beginning of the end was writ on the beaches of Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah, and Omaha and it was writ with the blood of heroes. Continue reading

Philosophy Series: Term Limits

In light of recent events where, time and time again, the United States government, in particular that dilapidated branch named Legislative, has proven itself dysfunctional and broken it has become self evident to this author that a fundamental change in America’s governmental process has now become a necessity. The vitriol and angst that has become so pervasive and intoxicating to the esteemed members of the highest legislative body of our nation is such that there is simply no avoiding the inevitable change that must occur to breathe new life and hope into our civic process. That change is the implementation of term limits.

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