PC: A Piece

Over the past few years the idea of PC culture or political correctness has become near omnipresent in not just American but human society. While there are undoubtedly drawbacks to the extremes of PC culture (as there are to any extreme) and I do think if, unchecked, it could threaten to silence voices of dissent which, to me, is the first step in the death of a free society, I am not confused as to why it is happening.

This isn’t some phenomenon perpetrated by the liberal media, or the New World Order seeking to move the sheep from one pen to another. PC culture is just the extension of ideals into the populace to debate from any segment of that popul. More people than ever are talking more frequently to anyone everywhere. There has been more sharing of cultures in the past 20 years than the preceding 200. The volatile and sometimes vitriolic social media discussions is a by product of these ideas and conversations. The internet is the change, the upheaval that has made the word such a connected place. Thousands talking to millions talking to billions. We are at the peak of literacy, of communication, of being able to understand one another from corner of the globe to the other. We are uniting.

Our unity has never been a peaceful prospect though. From the family unit to the nation, throughout history all is wrought with turmoil when you have intelligent beings of free will. Tribes became societies which became nations. We are bound to the rules of Darwin just as every creature under this sky and war has been nothing but the evolution of the human society through dominance which every animal obeys. Conflict is still unavoidable. Its just that now we are civilized enough to, in the majority, debate our ideas without violence. Or, I should say, our weapons have reached a level where we must be reasonable on the macro level which, when you think about it, may in the long run actually make the billions of lives lost in war and conflict worth the sacrifice. To respect the right to dissent without fearing physical reprisals or unnecessary martyrdom.

Humanity is uniting through the exchange of ideas at a near instantaneous rate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a modem. This is how a new era that has been born and she has been in labor for thousands of years to get to this point. If you ask any mother she’ll tell you with birth there is pain but the other side of that pain is something beautiful. Something satisfying down to our very chromosomes.

But human nature doesn’t change overnight and there are still societies and beliefs that are incompatible with a united human race where every member is treated with dignity. That’s the era we are in. Struggling to embrace each other, to come together when our animals minds are screaming their primal urges to dominate in order to protect, to neutralize threats in order to preserve and thrive. To exploit weakness while disguising our own. To flourish against like minded rivals in the battle for happiness and fulfillment that is no different than the current battles which rage in the wild.

It’s hard to see something so vast in scope as a single person in the network but I think more and more people can imagine it. Can dream it. Can see a humanity united in compassion, in understanding, in humility.  Maybe not in their lives but in their dreams. And I think the world is getting more dreamers every day.

I see that at the conclusion of this ‘PC’ obsessed era. A world that has debated, and settled, its differences. Where everyone has had a say. Where everyone has recognized they need to listen just as much, if not much more, than they speak and never stop doing so. If getting to that point means I have to listen to oversensitive sensationalism and nonsensical arguments and protests, so bet it. Those things won’t end soon but they will end and when it does I think humanity will be greater than ever.

Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m just an optimist. I cannot help though that I see a day where we recognize that together we are so much more powerful than when we are apart. It has been something that has been happening since the first stones were laid in Mesopotamia. It is something that will continue to happen long after we are gone. I only wish that those who seek to impede the clan of man being one realize that they aren’t struggling to save themselves but are struggling to hurt others.

After coming so far it is still only we who can stop ourselves from stumbling over our own feet.

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