My Watch For Football Season Has Begun: GOT Recap


While still in the honeymoon phase with the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, “Winds of Winter”, I think its safe to say the best season of the series closed out on Sunday night. Rebirths, revenge, reunions, season 6 strung together a collection of television episodes that, at this point, cannot be rivaled and somehow a show that has dazzled for six years is just now reaching its peak.

Great. Now that all of the platitudes are out of the way a lot has happened in Westeros and beyond this season with plenty of implications for the future. With no book guideline to follow (hurry up GRRM) this GoT offseason again allows our imaginations to run rampant with what will happen in the world of ice and fire. (I mean, Spoilers left and right ahead)

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The Speech We Should Be Hearing

We are at war. We have been at war for far longer than any of us have realized but the time to remain ignorant or to underestimate our enemy has long since past. The Radical Islamic movement currently embodied in Daesh and taught in extreme madrassas across the globe is diametrically opposed to our way of life, our values, our allies, and our nation and are committed to the slaughter and subjugation of everything and everyone we hold dear. They have manipulated the poor, the uneducated, and the ignorant into waging their war to hold on to their political primacy atop the societal structures of many Islamic nations. They seek to conquer new territories and impose their archaic religion as law where women, the LBGT community, and all non-Muslims are seen as subhuman and may be imprisoned, disfigured, or executed without trial, without representation, and without reason.

This evil will not stand. It will fall. It will fall because it rages against progress. It rages against common sense. It rages against humanity. It will fall because, like all other forms of tyranny that have ever, and will ever exist, it will be toppled.

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