The Speech We Should Be Hearing

We are at war. We have been at war for far longer than any of us have realized but the time to remain ignorant or to underestimate our enemy has long since past. The Radical Islamic movement currently embodied in Daesh and taught in extreme madrassas across the globe is diametrically opposed to our way of life, our values, our allies, and our nation and are committed to the slaughter and subjugation of everything and everyone we hold dear. They have manipulated the poor, the uneducated, and the ignorant into waging their war to hold on to their political primacy atop the societal structures of many Islamic nations. They seek to conquer new territories and impose their archaic religion as law where women, the LBGT community, and all non-Muslims are seen as subhuman and may be imprisoned, disfigured, or executed without trial, without representation, and without reason.

This evil will not stand. It will fall. It will fall because it rages against progress. It rages against common sense. It rages against humanity. It will fall because, like all other forms of tyranny that have ever, and will ever exist, it will be toppled.

Islam is a religion. The same as any other of the innumerable that dot the nations of the globe. That does not mean we cannot recognize extreme sects or issues that can arise from adherence to religious tenets, especially when the teachings of said religion are applied fundamentally and when those fundamental beliefs preach murder and enslavement.  We know radicalization is actively being taught by imams around the globe backed by governments whom we have excused from the discussion. This will no longer be the case. We have vilified Muslims in general because of a lack of direction and purpose in our prosecution of this war and the ineffectiveness of our political leaders. We have hamstrung our military, silenced our own citizens, curbed our freedom of speech, and have spent trillions of dollars trying to win a war without admitting we are in one. Without clearly defining who our enemies are we have allowed the lines to blur and for confusion to reign which has given way to pervasive fear and paranoia that is doing its best to tear our country apart.

Let me say this clearly then; the enemy is any nation that supports madrassas where young, impressionable, disturbed Muslims are being taught to sacrifice themselves for some misguided, bastardized sense of glory. They are the philosophical arm and body through which the inspiration of these horrendous acts come from and the time of letting these bastions of hate, of bigotry, of misogyny, of homophobia, and tyranny go unquestioned and discussing them as a diplomatic no-no is over. Too many have paid in blood in America and across the globe. It is not hard to see why Radical Islam has resorted to violence. The mere existence of Western civilization is enough to disrupt the patriarchal, male dominated governments of the Islamic world, especially with the advent of the internet and all of the possibilities that has given the people of the world to meet, to communicate, to exchange ideas, to learn. They see this as a threat and how could they not when huge swathes of their population are dehumanized and subjugated all in the name of faith? A faith, that, for centuries, has dominated every aspect of life in Islamic nations? They are unwilling to surrender their influence, their stations, their power so they have, for decades, recruited young men to fight and die while old men sit in palaces atop golden thrones and send millions to fund, and support, the murder of civilians around the world from the very societies they feel threatened by. They do this because they do not have the strength to win on the field of battle nor the right to win in the mind so they must die in clubs, or theaters, or in the street as cowardly thugs who disgrace themselves, their religion, and their heritage.

I’m here to tell you now none of us, not one goddamn human on this fucking planet, knows what happens after life has ended but I can tell you one thing for a certainty; anyone who crosses that final door bathing in the blood of innocent people, inflicting pain and sorrow so deep and scarring, has soiled themselves, their families, their faith, their nation, and their humanity beyond repair and have doomed themselves to an eternity not of torment and horror but of silent, unending regret and guilt with nothing but the empty, silent abyss to listen as their soul tears itself apart. There is not much I am sure of in this world but I am sure of this; if you want to be closer to God, if you want to be judged worthy then it is love, not hate, that is the path and anyone who tells you otherwise, for any reason, is deceiving you to do their evil works for them.

Enough is enough. I call upon all nations of the world to condemn these attacks. To work to disable terror networks and cells not only in their military capacity but also at their recruiting and philosophical centers. To recognize that the age of religious law has passed and that all humans, no matter their creed, their race, their political beliefs, their sexual orientation, their nationality, their gender, are equal. All are deserving of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and all are worthy of love and respect. For the abolition of Sharia Law, for the UN to recognize it as barbaric and beneath modern man’s understanding of justice that does not need to be entertained as a legitimate form of governance and a pestilence to be eradicated just as thoroughly as Nazi Germany.

It is imperative that the Islamic nations of the world to rise up and condemn this attack and all of its ilk. To reject the teachings of hate whenever they may spring up inside those communities and to disregard those voices. That Muslim nations of the world work to take their religion back and make it, truly, a religion of peace so that we may all, as humanity, walk shoulder to shoulder into a brighter future. I do not wish to shed more blood but we cannot continue to sit idly by while Daesh is allowed to disseminate its propaganda while simultaneously having allies is the Islamic religious community who spew nothing but hate speech which incites and inspires new generations to wrongfully take up arms and murder, in cold blood, those who they have been taught are not human and are, in fact, their pathway into paradise. A path paved in opaque black bags and the tears of the families they shattered.

So what do we do? Are we suppose to turn the other cheek and hope the years will soften Radical Islam? How many bodies do we let pile up while we wait? While we hold our tongues? While we cower in fear of what may happen to us while it does happen to others? The high road and forgiving those who wish us harm are nice thoughts and, in the long run, this is what is needed to bring humanity together. However, that is not my responsibility. My responsibility is the safety of all Americans and I will do everything I can to accomplish that. We need consolidated, common sense, gun control laws that are uniform across state lines. We need to re-evaluate our immigration policies and identify high threat areas where Daesh will try to misrepresent themselves to gain access and create a more strenuous background check for those areas. Immigration is a hallmark of American society and a great source of strength but we cannot let our ideals blind us to reality. The vast majority, the incredible overwhelming majority, of immigrants are coming to America to build a new life. To enjoy our freedoms. To raise their children outside of the parameters they were raised in. To flourish. To grow. To learn. Just as the vast majority of legal gun owners in the United States operate them responsibly and lawfully. However, its time for us all to admit that the percentages are not as low as we would like and that the combination of a disturbed individual and available firepower is leading to deaths of American citizens scores at a time and inaction is no longer an option.

I urge Congress to work with me on all these issues. For too long we have let special interests, egos, political parties, and divisiveness has bog our Nation down in a quagmire which has paralyzed us and left us vulnerable. If Congress is unable to do so, then I will take Executive action to preserve the nation and the people or I shall die trying.

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