Fallen Stars; Chapter 1

Dierks Santiago stepped out of the passenger side of his Mercedes MMZ smartly, shutting the door behind him. With a few quick hand motions the MMZ pulled out smoothly, driving itself off on a loop until the auction was over. For a brief moment he thought of sending it to a parking garage, to save the world from one more luxury driving itself around but, as in many things in Dierks’ life, his whim overruled any considerations for his fellow man.

He watched with satisfaction as the car signaled its left turn and pulled out and away. Its deep blue paint reflecting the orange-pinkish light of the late afternoon sun. Silent and gliding a few inches off the ground it truly was more a work of art than an automobile and, judging by the heads turning as it coasted down the street, he wasn’t the only one to consider it so.

However, this idle admiration for Federated Germany’s most excellent machine was quickly replaced with deep concentration at the task at hand. Because today was the day Dierks Santiago stepped out from his father’s shadow and into his own. Today, Dierks’ conquest of the world began in earnest.

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With the shooting death of Alton Sterling the new cycles are awash again with racial tension as another African American man was gunned down by police officers in what can only be called cold blood. The shooting took place in Baton Rouge, LA and, as expected in today’s day and age, has touched off a firestorm of reactions and emotions. This blog isn’t really about the shooting though. The officers should be tried and, in my opinion, convicted and sentenced to many years in prison but the real issue I have is with the method of protest that has become a favorite in 2016, the hashtag.

The hashtag embodies everything that is a fucking problem with how we go about discussing issues nowadays. Its a simple, easy, bullshit way that people try to mark themselves as martyrs or social justice warriors without taking any of the risks or actions that have marked them out in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are those on social media who do rally and protest and that Twitter, among other platforms, is key in organizing such events but the vast majority of postings are coming from people who just see something trending and decide to jump on the bandwagon.

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The Brotherhood with Banters: A Game of Thrones Re-Watch Audio Companion

stark headdies

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce a new feature here on the PolPit, The Brotherhood with Banters; an audio companion to be played simultaneously for all of your Game of Thrones re-watching because, let’s be honest, that show stuffs so much content into 60 minutes of television that no one catches everything. Fans are re-watching the episode, they’re watching reviews and reactions on Youtbue, firing up a multitude of podcasts, falling deep, deep into reddit holes and some of you hardcore Thrones fans out there are even delving into Westeros.org (Tyler Snow on there, holla at cha boi). Instead of people going through all that hassle, BwB is looking to save you the trouble and make you laugh at the same time with commentary that goes along with the episode as its happening.

So sit back on your couch, fire up On Demand or HBOGo, and hit play twice while we gather our party and venture forth into the lands that sing of ice and fire. Our first episode is covering Game of Thrones lastest episode, Season 6’s finale ‘The Winds of Winter’. Enjoy!