Civil Dissonance


With the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States I was legitimately baffled by the response of the Democratic party supporters currently protesting. I didn’t understand their anger, I didn’t understand their frustration, I didn’t understand their objection to a democratic election. You lost. It is a possible outcome. You weren’t cheated. You weren’t suppressed. You weren’t silenced. You lost. That is what happened.

Then, I got it.

This reaction is what happens when objectivity is lost. Make no mistake, there would’ve been an equally stupid and short sighted reaction from the right had Trump lost. No, it wouldn’t have been marching in the streets of America’s cities but you’d be hearing about it. Militias forming and all sorts of nonsense in rural America. But that didn’t happen so now we are graced with the ever impactful protest/riot. Like the Clinton dynasty this is the swan-song for protest movements. The High Water Mark. How do I know this? Simple. This protest will never work. It is, currently, an impossibility. It only exemplifies how powerless their cause is and they know it.

Now if they know its futile (it is. Protests entire point is to bring about a change. This election was definitive. Clinton conceded. Trump won Electoral College, projected to win popular vote as well) who is even doing this pointless exercise in freedom?  I can only guess that a big part of it is the narcissist generation who, more than anyone, are shaped by the public’s opinion of them, see that the cameras are on and can’t resist the spotlight. The same group that battled and bullied their way to the top of the internet food chain needed a flash mob of sorrow to get over this legitimate election loss. Then there are the prideful, and there are a lot of them, who “can’t fathom how stupid everyone else is”. Gag. These are the people who aren’t involved but consider themselves ‘political’. They locked themselves in their think tanks and conjured and help inflate a bogeyman. Worse is that they were over-confident and smug to anyone who didn’t agree with them and now have to absorb the biggest Fuck You in US Election history. Then there are the people making money. Either getting paid to be there or trying to get some clicks.  I can’t imagine how many rearward facing cameras and crocodile tears there are but I’m sure its a substantial amount. (Hollywood had a steady supply!) Anything on brand for that fledgling Twitter or YouTube. You do you.

Why is this the tone? Partly its their own rhetoric shaking out the nightmares they themselves have imagined but also because its the desperate last gasp of protests working. Or, I should say, of protests being as effective as they have become.  We’ve seen protests shut down businesses, cost people jobs and livelihoods for their families. We’ve seen protests incite violence by race and lead to killings. We’ve seen protests over false reports. We’ve seen protests about free speech. We’ve seen protests about made up stories. We see them all the time because they’ve been working. Because capitulation in the internet age is swift. Too many livelihoods dependent upon internet goodwill. A weakness if you ask me. To be tied to public opinion and to be devastated by it so easily? That’s no life to live. An election though? There is no company board to please or stock market price to preserve. Its the government. The foundation of our nation. Hold signs all you want it doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter. It will never matter. What does matter? Voting or revolting. Everything else is just a bunch of bullshit.

So after all that people are really surprised that Trump won a silent vote? Who would speak up to deal with all that impotent mewling and web based recrimination? Just to get baited or shouted down for the lulz and the reddit gold and the RTs because some dipshit with a worthless degree is trying to eke out clicks to eat? How many people do you think were swayed by internet arguments? The answer is zero because they all boiled down to yelling at each other in 140 characters while getting jerked off under the table by people who already think like you do.

That’s they  didn’t see it coming. They were too busy telling themselves anyone who opposes them is a racist without listening to OR EVEN ACCEPTING any legitimate argument or objection they had.

You, Democratic Protester/Diehard Liberal, are the problem. Not the system, not the other voters. Its you, the petulant, whiny, know it all, I’m smarter than everyone else I just wasn’t born with what I need, cowardly, hysterical, dramatist. YOU failed to get your neighbors to vote for Hillary. YOU failed to come up with a winning argument. YOU failed to address concerns or effective counter to points someone who may think differently than you could bring up. That happened because YOU nominated a shitty candidate. YOU needed a dose of humility. Accept that you were rejected. Accept that you lost. Accept that you have to do better. Accept the challenge instead of crying. The challenge?  You may have to actually talk to human in real life instead of hitting the Block button on Twitter to show you are down for the cause (so brave, to hit block, so brave).

Also this searching for excuses for the loss, other than admitting it was a rejection of her policies, is just mental gymnastics to get out of the handshake line. Grow the fuck up. Protest when some real shit happens not when you lose a legitimate election.

P.S. If you are a teacher and you wrote some dumb shit like “I don’t know what to say to my kids..” on social media and you are talking about your students I’ll answer that question for you. Fucking don’t. Tell them it was an election and it was won following the rules of our constitution and leave your bullshit out of it. You’re there to educate not indoctrinate. That’s the parents’ job.



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