Speak Freely


In the wake of the 2016 Election we are seeing a tremendous amount of pressure being put on social media networks which, for better or for worse, have revolutionized not just American but global politics as a whole. The Old Guard of mainstream media, television, and newspapers are still struggling to cope with the fact that their influence and power have all but evaporated. Destroyed by their own hubris they are now stumbling around in a fog. Confused. Scared. Indignant that the unwashed masses not blessed by the hand of Corporate America are allowed to participate in national dialogue and present their arguments to the public unfiltered and unrestricted.

It’s like watching an old King suddenly age and fade on his throne. A once powerful warrior whose mere glance could freeze a man in place is now incontinent, smelling of decay while still bellowing demands to an almost bemused, disgusted populous. Even more appalling than this farce is you can already see the heir may be worse. Facebook and Twitter, most certainly, have been anointed to take up the mantle once the inevitable happens and large swathes of the current legacy media die off. Unlike 2016, which caught nearly everyone ‘in the know’ off guard, the same mistake will not be made in 2020. You can already see Twitter and Facebook are trying to drive off, if they haven’t already outright banned, anyone remotely effective in supporting Trump, his policies, or even people who just don’t agree with the current nonsensical liberal platform. These efforts will only intensify as the 2018 mid-terms draw near and will hit a fever pitch in 2020.

So, what to do? What to do when the most popular social media platforms on Earth which, consequently, are the most effective in politics are all tilted against ANYONE who does not toe the liberal-SJW-Democratic party line? Luckily, there is an answer. Gab.

Gab (gab.ai) is a new social media alternative to Facebook and Twitter committed to the idea of free speech. Started in 2016, Gab has already amassed some 200,000 active users and continues to grow. I signed up for Gab a few weeks before the election and had already resolved to delete my Twitter the day after Election Day. I had a pretty bland account. Never got suspended, ruffled very few feathers and I think I only got called a faggot once or twice which must be some kind of record. It wasn’t what Twitter was doing to me its how they were treating other users, gaming their algorithms, and putting their personal beliefs ahead of people’s right to free speech. It was, for lack of a better term, un-American and I no longer felt like creating content for a site that could so flippantly abandon the most sacred of principles.

In Gab I found the polar opposite. A site that prides itself on free speech and the right to express your thoughts and feelings free of fear from some faceless digital work Gestapo deciding you’ve committed a thought crime. Obviously, there is a Term Of Service agreement that aims to prevent abuse and harassment but beyond that it is a place that I have felt very comfortable in and one that does not seem to have an agenda other than providing a forum for the unfiltered exchange of ideas and the uncensored debate that comes along with them.

Another thing that I have come to admire from Gab is their desire to be funded by their users. They are looking to avoid the trap that Twitter and Facebook have fallen into where their only way towards solvency and profit is by selling out their users and giving power and influence to investors who most certainly do have an agenda.

Thus we come to the purpose of this post. Gab has recently started a crowdfunding campaign that will allow people to buy stock. They’ve reached a point where funds are needed to hire more employees and to continue to grow. They could have taken money from a venture capitalist firm. They could have taken money from some millionaire who would then call the shots. Instead, they decided to stay true to their mission and are looking to be a social network of the people, by the people, for the people.

Gab is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole group of companies springing up that reject corporate control over vast amounts of our news and entertainment industries. These industries no longer represent the will of the people but instead the views of an elite few content with nothing else than preserving their place at the top while they lecture to those of us below. It’s time for that to change. Gab can be a powerful instrument to help make that happen.

Check out Gab. Sign up, give it a shot, and, if you end up liking it, spread the word.  Think about investing in a company that is invested in allowing you to #SpeakFreely.

Gab’s crowdfunding page where you can invest and get much more information on the company, what it is about, and outlook straight from the frog’s mouth:  https://www.startengine.com/startup/gab



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