Speak Freely


In the wake of the 2016 Election we are seeing a tremendous amount of pressure being put on social media networks which, for better or for worse, have revolutionized not just American but global politics as a whole. The Old Guard of mainstream media, television, and newspapers are still struggling to cope with the fact that their influence and power have all but evaporated. Destroyed by their own hubris they are now stumbling around in a fog. Confused. Scared. Indignant that the unwashed masses not blessed by the hand of Corporate America are allowed to participate in national dialogue and present their arguments to the public unfiltered and unrestricted.

It’s like watching an old King suddenly age and fade on his throne. A once powerful warrior whose mere glance could freeze a man in place is now incontinent, smelling of decay while still bellowing demands to an almost bemused, disgusted populous. Even more appalling than this farce is you can already see the heir may be worse. Facebook and Twitter, most certainly, have been anointed to take up the mantle once the inevitable happens and large swathes of the current legacy media die off. Unlike 2016, which caught nearly everyone ‘in the know’ off guard, the same mistake will not be made in 2020. You can already see Twitter and Facebook are trying to drive off, if they haven’t already outright banned, anyone remotely effective in supporting Trump, his policies, or even people who just don’t agree with the current nonsensical liberal platform. These efforts will only intensify as the 2018 mid-terms draw near and will hit a fever pitch in 2020.

So, what to do? What to do when the most popular social media platforms on Earth which, consequently, are the most effective in politics are all tilted against ANYONE who does not toe the liberal-SJW-Democratic party line? Luckily, there is an answer. Gab.

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Following the 2016 US election I made a decision that I think not a lot of aspiring writers would make. I deleted my Twitter.

Now, in writing this, I know what I have done was probably naive. It was probably ill advised and, ultimately, was probably a step back from where I want to be as far as outreach and views and publicity. However, I felt that I had no choice after seeing what Twitter has become. Maybe Twitter had always operated this way (I don’t think so, signed up in 2012) but the selective application of their Terms and Conditions to essentially silence dissent and their manipulation of whatever algorithm they use to either promote or hide trending topics effectively controlling what gets ‘airtime’ and what doesn’t made me realize I detest their business practices. I felt that they were hypocritical, biased, and intentionally attempting to limit, control, and police content that they did nothing to produce or create other than creating the platform through which these ideas were communicated.

Then I realized, why am I using it then? Why am I helping them get bought? Why am I engaging, entertaining, and conversing with people through a platform I dislike? My livelihood isn’t tied to Twitter or the internet. I don’t rely only public opinion or clicks for my paycheck so why subject myself to the thought police and the moral finger waggers? Why operate in a social space that seeks to silence dissent and promotes echo chambers? To watch people fight and yell over the internet at each other using 140 words at a time that they would never use in real life? I couldn’t come up with a good answer for myself.

So…I stopped.

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