GoT Season 6 Preview Bonanza


We are almost there. Only a few more days before the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones and I can’t wait. The only thing that is kind of a drag about GoT is that it is so dense, with so many storylines, that its sometimes hard to remember where we left off with everyone. Well, other than Jon Snow being dead because I think Yahoo alone has published over 9000 articles on that since Season 5 ended. Also did you know Lena Headey used a body double for Cersei’s walk of shame!? Because they ran that one back about 5000 times.

This season is special for one huge reason too in that for the first time book readers (myself) and show watchers (peasants) are pretty much in the same boat as far as not knowing what is going to happen next. There are some things in the books that have yet to show up in the show so, as you read on, just be wary that we’ll be using all of the information we currently have from the books so there may be some spoilers ahead.

Anyway, I’m going to try and summarize where we left Westeros’ favorite throne seekers, knights, whores, half-men, and wights. Not only that, but we’ll throw in some blazing, dragonfire takes on who lives and who dies this season and some plot predictions. Don’t be scared. Like Captain Spears said in Band of Brothers, just assumed your favorite character is already dead and you can watch without fear. So gather your party and let’s venture forth.

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AFC Wild Card Wrap Up


The first slate of games in the NFL’s 2015 postseason could not have been more opposite if they tried. On the one hand you had the massacre of the Houston Texans (and Brian Hoyer’s career as a starting QB) at the hands of the Chiefs and, on the other, the gutter war that was the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh contest. If you watched any of the game last night or watch any sports coverage this morning you know what a circus that was.

Now, despite the fact that I called both outcomes, the results of both games and the way they went down have me questioning my outlook. I’ll stick to my guns though and hope that the injuries the Steelers suffered in their game are not as serious as they appear and that they can still challenge, and beat, Denver with Noodle-Arm McGee back starting. Before we get to the Steelers and yesterday’s game that everyone will be talking about let’s go over JJ Watt’s season ending first.

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I Got Beef with Meatloaf

Not Meat Loaf but close

     Not the Meat Loaf I’m talking                           about but close

No, I’m not talking about the food (which I find to be absolutely delectable) but the husky artist himself. I know the man is generally regarded as a legend of rock but I’ve got one big issue with him; I think he stole the idea for his smash hit “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) from another, more legendary, more impressive, and more beloved artists….Hall and Oates.

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