Everyone has those moments that seem to have a permanent residence in their memories. Snapshots from days gone by. Mental photographs that remind us of who we are and what we felt at a moment in time where we were shaped, where we were formed. Their first kiss. A cherished moment with a grandmother. That first surge of triumph, of accomplishment. A warm family memory where, for that moment, the universe and everything in it made sense because you felt the purity of love beating inside your chest. Most of these memories are tied to those closest to you. To family and friends, those still here and those who have gone.

There is the rare one though, the rare one of these memories that are caused by a stranger. By another soul that brushed by yours and left a mark forever never to be seen again. Nothing drastic. Nothing life altering, in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless something resonated on a deeper level that won’t let go. Nothing profound but something permanent.

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Basic Man Thoughts Explained: I LOVE sundresses

The wonderful thing about the male sex or male gender identification or however you say being a man who puts his penis in things in 2015, is that we all seem to be built on a familiar template. Red meat, sports, not talking about feelings. These are all things that men universally seem to enjoy and I think that some of those things that all men love demand an explanation so that women can understand just how shallow, immature, and stupid we generally all are while explaining those shortcomings eloquently and succinctly. Well, at least why I am the way I am.

So, without further ado, let’s delve in to every man’s favorite wardrobe member in a woman’s closet; the sundress.


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